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HEEE holds the first quarter of 2021 safety production conference
Source:       Release Date:2021-03-19
        In order to further promote the upgrading and upgrading of the company's safety production management work, the management mechanism of project system standardization, operation processization and operation professionalization is promoted. On the afternoon of March 16, HEEE held the first quarter of 2021 safety production conference in the first meeting room. Chairman Zhou Liye, General Manager Shou Yifeng, General Manager Li Qian of Business One, Lantian General Manager of Business Two, Wu Jian, Engineering Director of Business One, He Lian, Engineering Director of Business Two, and project managers and safety officers of all projects under construction Wait for relevant personnel to attend the meeting. The meeting was held in the form of a combination of online and offline.

Picture | Relevant people attend the meeting

        At the meeting, after all online and offline staff watched the safety warning video together, EHS engineer An Yingjie conveyed the group’s 2021 safety work notice, and then separately discussed accidents, hidden dangers, safety penalties, safety training, high-altitude operations, hot work, and The eight aspects of limited space and cross-operations reported on the safety production situation of HEEE in 2020, and made detailed arrangements for the safety production work in 2021.

        Next, Li Qian, general manager of the first business department, pointed out the key points and difficulties of safety production in 2021, and the safety work in 2021 needs to be more strictly implemented. He believes that everyone still needs to tighten the string of safety, pay attention to safety, and make good use of good measures and tools such as safety weekly reports, safety work tickets, and safety work penalties and assessments to improve the implementation of safety system management.

      Wang Hufeng, the manager of the equipment department, said that in 2021, the safety production work deployment of the equipment department will be further upgraded and gradually promoted on the basis of 2020. The safety risk management and control will continue to be best and implemented to people to reduce the possibility of safety accidents.

         At the meeting, General Manager Shou Yifeng affirmed the certain results achieved in production safety in 2020 in his speech, and put forward four requirements for the challenges faced by production safety in 2021: First, the key to safety is people, leaders and employees. We must pay attention to it; second, we must focus on system construction and implement the safety responsibility system; third, we must strengthen safety management and control methods, and implement a normalized safety inspection system led by senior management; fourth, we must rely on intelligent and data-based methods. Upgrade management and control methods, implement management measures, improve management level, and achieve precise management and control at all times and at multiple levels.

        Later, Chairman Zhou Liye emphasized the importance of safe production for the company's development, and pointed out that safety is the life of an enterprise. How to do a good job in safety production? She emphasized that a safety production guarantee system must be established. Only when the system is established will there be rules and guarantees. The management of potential safety hazards is the top priority of the establishment of the system, and it is necessary to be able to find hidden hazards and eliminate them in time. Safety focuses on prevention. This is a risk control system. Finally, Chairman Zhou Liye entrusted all the staff to work together and focus on improving the ability of self-discovering potential safety hazards anytime and anywhere, which will not only help prevent and eliminate hidden hazards in time, but also be a process of cultivating safety literacy.

        Finally, the signing ceremony of the safety responsibility letter at all levels was held at the meeting site.

Figure | Sign the safety responsibility letter at all levels
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