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"HEEE" to the future and win-win for the capable | Hangneng Environment held the 2021 annual summary and commendation conference
Source:       Release Date:2022-02-09
    The Taurus resigns the year, and the tiger is blessed with power. On January 25, 2022, the 2021 annual summary and commendation meeting of HEEE was successfully held in the company headquarters. Li Yuezhong, chairman of Welly Environmental Protection Group, Zong Tao, president, and Zhang Jianquan, assistant to the chairman, came to the site of the annual meeting. Hangneng Environment employees participated in the summary and commendation meeting online and offline.

Summary 2021 Draw 2022

    This summary and commendation meeting kicked off with the New Year's greetings from various departments. First of all, Mr. Lan Tian, general manager of HEEE, summarized the overall work of Hangneng Environment in 2021. He made a detailed report on market development, project execution, technology research and development, digital construction, etc., and made a detailed report on market development in 2022 , project management, project operation, carbon business and other key tasks have been deployed.

General Manager of Hangneng Environment Lan Tian

    Mr. Zhou Xin'an, chairman of HEEE, made a report on "Hangneng's Next Five-Year Development Plan" at the meeting, reviewed the development history of Hangneng Environment in the past, and has withstood the test of both internal and external environments. He emphasized the future development strategic positioning of Hangneng Environment, to draw the company to develop a new blue sky, focus on core business, focus on technology research and development, optimize human resources, and encourage all employees of the company to work together, forge ahead, and achieve better results Present to the 30th anniversary of Hangneng Environment!
Zhou Xinan, Chairman of Hangneng Environment

    Mr. Zong Tao, President of Welly Environmental Protection Group, affirmed the development of Hangneng Environment in 2021, and also put forward higher requirements for Hangneng Environment's future business model, R&D innovation, and market team building.
Zong Tao, President of Welly Environmental Protection Group

    Mr. Li Yuezhong, chairman of Welly Environmental Protection Group, extended New Year greetings and blessings to all employees of Hangneng Environment, and expressed his expectations for the development of Hangneng Environment in 2022.
Li Yuezhong, Chairman of Welly Environmental Protection Group

Honorable Mention Witness the Glory

    At the meeting, individuals, projects and teams who made outstanding contributions and performed well in 2021 were commended. The awards included the Rising Star Award, Excellent Mentor Award, Post Model Award, Excellent Employee Award, Excellent Department Award, and Excellent Project Team Award , Outstanding Contribution Team Award, Loyal Staff Award for Service for More than Ten Years, Chairman Special Award, thank them for their contribution to the company's development!

Rising star, outstanding mentor, post pacesetter, outstanding employee awards

Outstanding department, outstanding contribution team awards

Outstanding Project Team Award

Chairman's Special Award

Strive for "HEEE" to the future

    The lottery session, climax after another, will push the annual meeting to another climax!


    The boat is steady and galloping, and the wind is good. At present, the development opportunities of the industry have come, the company's strategic positioning has been clarified, and the horn of progress has been sounded. HEEE has no reason to hold back, look ahead, and lose opportunities. Next, Hangneng Environment will work hard and fight bravely, "Hangzhou" will look into the future, and create a new chapter of HEEE's development.

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